All About Mrs. Shammo

Welcome back to all of my Honors Math, 8th Math, and 8th Science students!! My name is Mrs. Kimberly Shammo, and this is my fifth year at Nativity of Our Lord School. This year marks my thirteenth year teaching within the Archdiocese of Philadelphia! I am so excited to expand your interests in the field of Mathematics and Science!!!

I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. I graduated from Arcadia University in 2005 with my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education, and have been teaching ever since!! I have been married to my husband, George, for nine years, and we have an awesome dog, Milo, who is a five year old Boxer/Lab mix!! We also welcomed our adorable son, Connor, in May! He is the best! They are so much fun, and I am sure you will hear many funny stories about them throughout the year!! I have seven nieces, six nephews, and four Godchildren!! I have been singing basically since I was born, and you will often find me cantoring masses right here at Nativity of Our Lord Church, which is my parish!!

I also have a few neat facts about myself to share with you:
1. Many of you may know Erin Shammo, grade 7, Brian Shammo, grade 5, and Brendan Shammo, grade 1, who are my niece and nephews!!
2. My sister and I are so much alike that we even married brothers, which is very cool and lots of fun!! It is awesome having the same last name as each other!!
3. I auditioned for American Idol fifteen years ago, but I did not make the cut.

I know that this year is going to be a blast!! Know that if you do your best every day and pray hard, you are sure to be a success!!!
May God bless you always!!!


Mrs. Shammo